Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

威斯康辛州电子游戏炫酷财神app(WBA)的使命是为威斯康辛州的银行促进一个健康的环境, in turn, focus on helping their local communities. 确保拥有多种想法的人的广泛融合, differing viewpoints, thought processes, backgrounds, 经验在银行业的各个方面发挥着重要作用,这对WBA及其成员的成功至关重要. 包容差异和促进公平是WBA作为雇主和行业协会的基础.

Similar to the banking industry we serve, WBA明白,为了更充分地完成电子游戏炫酷财神app的使命, and live our values, we must leverage the diverse backgrounds, skills, knowledge, and perspectives of our members, Board of Directors, vendors, and employees. WBA热衷于为会员和员工培养一种人人都感到受欢迎的文化, included, empowered and valued. 这包括吸引和留住多元化的劳动力, and encouraging our staff to promote diversity, equity, 并包括在所有内部团队和跨外部关系和服务.